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System & Products

GCT , Top Cyclone , Downcomer , Cement Mills & Cooler
Dust Control for the Industry
SNCR for Cement & Power Plants
NASEQUIP High Performance lances are designed to outperform the competitive products and have added features, which make them unique in their class.
Industrial Filtration system & Solutions

Why You Choose Us

We at NASEQUIP Systems Private Limited are offering process calculations, engineering solutions, design, manufacturing, automation, installation, supervision and after sales services for developing and providing customized GAS COOLING SYSTEMS solutions for process industries such as Cement, Power Plants, Steel, Chemicals and all those areas where the gases are treated for the purpose of cleaning, cooling and conditioning.

All our GAS COOLING SYSTEMS are based on customer focus, quick payback period, higher efficiency, less maintenance, user friendly design with compact structure, simple operational logic and safe working conditions.

We have a remarkable broad process knowledge that leads catching up the same frequencies with our quality conscious customers.